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Supplies to Compliment Your PipeSmith E-Pipe

Pipesmith Pipe Butter

Pipe Butter

Wood Finish & Protectant/ O-ring conditioner

PipeSmith's own proprietary wood finish - Developed specifically for the protection of your e-pipe,
Pipe Butter works with the heat of your hand as you handle your pipe to continually work into the wood, melding with the inherent oils and waxes to create a rich, protective finish that highlights the wood's natural features.

100% completely natural, beeswax-based, and completely non-toxic from the jar to the surface of your pipe.  A durable, water-resistant surface is created that becomes even richer the more it is handled, accentuating the natural maturation of the wood. (2oz by volume)

** For finished wood; rub on, let set, buff off.
** For unfinished wood; download "Applying a Pipe Butter Finish" Guide in .pdf format
** For O-rings; rub between two fingers, work into o-ring, wipe off excess

Pipe Butter

Pipesmith Custom Wooden E-Pipes -
Pipesmith Custom Wooden E-Pipes - pipesmith


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