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Pipesmith Custom Wooden E-Pipes - PipeSmith
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Pipesmith Custom Wooden E-Pipes - PipeSmith

Your custom e-pipe can be a substantial investment.  Doesn't it make sense to choose the only hand-crafted and hand finished e-pipe with the durability, reliability, and attitude built around the heart of the "Toughest Pipes On The Planet"?  Men around the globe have made the PipeSmith choice - now it's time to claim your place among them.

"PipeSmith Limited E-Pipes are unique, one-piece bodies built on the Huntsman, Trapper, and Explorer foundations, producing classic custom e-pipes that each reflect the PipeSmith ergonomic influence and styling."

From time to time there are Limited E-Pipes built that are not yet obligated to a specific client - on such rare occasion, these pipes are marked here as "AVAILABLE".

The typical PipeSmith Limited E-Pipe build process begins with an email or telephone discussion with the client to determine the best suiting options for their pipe, the build parameters are established, then their special pipe build is undertaken.

PipeSmith Limited E-Pipes are available either with an open-faced shank, or with a slip cover shank to conceal certain atomizers, and come with a finished Taper Bore Stem.
Visit our "Gallery" page for photos of prior PipeSmith Limited E-Pipes.

If you don't see your next e-pipe shown as "Available" on this page, simply contact us about reserving your special build.  info@pipesmithepipes.com

All Limited E-Pipes are built around our G5 Fire Kit for reliable, trouble free operation.
(The Stainless Steel Spring Loaded/ Self Adjusting 510 Connector of the G5 Fire Kit may be exposed or recessed depending on individual pipe set up.)

Atomizer slip cover shank available for select atomizers.
(atomizer/ batteries/ charger not included)


PipeSmith Limited

Example of Open-Faced Shank

PipeSmith Limited

Example of Slip Cover Shank

***Be sure to visit our "Gallery" page for more photos of PipeSmith Limited E-Pipes,
and possible options for your custom E-Pipe build***

Available:    There are currently no PipeSmith Limited E-Pipes Available.  Email or call for reserving your custom build.

Pipesmith Custom Wooden E-Pipes - pipesmith


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