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Applying the Pipe Butter Finish -
A guide in .pdf format that provides an overview for setting up the finish for Challenger and Huntsman E-Pipes.

PipeSmith Taper Bore Stem Build Guide -
A guide in .pdf format that provides an overview for assembly and set up of your PipeSmith Taper Bore Stem Kit.


Pipesmith Custom Wooden E-Pipes - battery

Unless otherwise stipulated, PipeSmith E-Pipes are built around and tested on the Efest 18500 flat-top batteries, and we recommend the use of these batteries for the most trouble-free performance of your e-pipe.

Battery goes into the pipe (+) end first, leaving the (-) end of the battery positioned for proper spring seating.

Attaching/ Removing the Atomizer:

Pipesmith Custom Wooden E-Pipes - 510 heat sink

Secure the pipe in one hand, hold the heat sink with the thumb and forefinger.  Use the free hand to attach or remove your atomizer.

The atomizer should seat squarely and securely on the face of the heat sink, taking precaution to not over-tighten the device onto the pipe.

Following this procedure will contribute to the trouble-free service life of your pipe.

For proper adjustment of the 510 connector for connectivity and device seating, see below;

Pipesmith Custom Wooden
              E-Pipes - 510 heat sink

When attaching the atomizer, you should **just** feel the center pins connect immediately before the device seats squarely on the heat sink.

To adjust the 510 center pin for connectivity and/ or proper device seating, use a small screwdriver to turn the copper center pin clockwise or counter-clockwise, respective to the device - clockwise for a device that meets the center pin before seating on the heat sink; counter-clockwise for a device that seats on the heat sink, but does not meet the center pin.

****Should your PipeSmith E-Pipe give you any other issue at all - contact me directly, and we'll get it taken care of for you.****

Pipesmith Custom Wooden E-Pipes - pipesmith


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