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"I won't hurry, I won't rush, and I won't send you a pipe
that I wouldn't walk into the woods with."
- PipeSmith

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Pipesmith Custom Wooden E-Pipes - PipeSmith

PipeSmith E-Pipes -  Our pipes are built around the premise that the e-pipe user should have less to worry about, and more to enjoy.  If you are apprehensive about using or keeping your e-pipe with you on a day-to-day basis in whatever environment you may find yourself - then you simply aren't enjoying your e-pipe. 

    Each PipeSmith pipe is individually cut, bored, shaped, surfaced/ carved, finished, and built by hand.  While the respective shaping of each pipe style carries through, the free-hand shaping and surface carving of each pipe creates a unique character and presence for your specific pipe - no two PipeSmith pipes will ever be exactly the same.

    This process continues the quality, durability, and uniqueness that is only available in a PipeSmith E-pipe.

The PipeSmith Statement -  When you carry a PipeSmith e-pipe, you are immediately recognized as a member of an exclusive group of discerning men who have sought out not only the "Toughest Pipe On The Planet", but also a personal vaping device that is synonymous with the commitment of service and support for the life of the pipe. 

    "Piping Reinvented" goes hand-in-hand with "PipeSmith - Toughest Pipes On The Planet"; The hallmark of the user carrying one of the most unique and exclusive platforms that are the ONLY purposefully ergonomically designed pipe bodies in the world - and one that carries a service/ repair package that is just as exclusive. 

    Those who acquire one of these pipes will be proud to have it/ those who haven't will want to - there is only one pipe that is rugged, durable, reliable, ergonomic, AND presentable all in the same package.  There's simply no other pipe available that carries what a PipeSmith pipe does, and NONE with a service/ repair warranty even remotely similar.

    This subtle statement says that you are a man who selects the best in everything that you do, and have made no exception in your choice of e-pipe.

Turn-around time -   PipeSmith E-Pipes are typically shipped within 48 hours of the pipe's completion and the purchase being paid in full.  

    The relevant pages for the
Legend Series and Lodge Series e-pipes are updated often with their respective estimated turn around times, with exceptions for wood or hardware supply delays beyond our control, weather, etc.

    Turn around time from the date of reserving your unique PipeSmith Limited build until shipment typically runs around six (6) weeks to eight (8) weeks or possibly more (depending on the individual piece), though the time for each individual pipe may vary somewhat based on particular options for the build, hurdles encountered during a specific build process, revisions/ upgrades/ other changes implemented to improve the pipe platform, my health, familial obligations, or other peripheral influences that may affect the build time frame.  Due to the nature of how PipeSmith E-pipes are individually built, we cannot guarantee specific ship dates or time frames for the build, though we do strive to keep them within an attractive, reasonable window.

    PipeSmith Limited E-Pipes are individually hand-built in order to maintain both quality and uniqueness of each PipeSmith pipe.  To best service the rather high demand for PipeSmith e-pipes and maintain these hallmarks, build time frames are given as estimate only.

Ordering -   Ordering your PipeSmith e-pipe is a fairly straight-forward process;

    PipeSmith Legend Series and Lodge Series E-Pipes are direct order via the appropriate PayPal button on their respective page.

    To order a PipeSmith E-pipe featured as "Available":  Email or telephone regarding your interests, and an invoice will be created and emailed to you reflecting the purchase price of the pipe/ pipe package as well as the relevant shipping fees.  Once the invoice is paid, the pipe/ pipe package will be shipped to you typically within forty eight hours (make sure your shipping address is correct).

    If no PipeSmith "Limited" E-Pipes in which you are interested are currently listed as "Available", you can reserve your own build.  Due to a fairly high demand, this is how most PipeSmith Limited E-pipes are purchased, since on the rare occasion there are pipes able to be listed as "Available", it is just as rare that pipes remain listed as "Available" for more than a couple of days. To reserve a build opening for a pipe or pipe package to be built for you: Email or telephone concerning your desired pipe or pipe package, and we will discuss the relevant options that may best suit your proposed project.  Once these parameters are settled, an invoice for total purchase price will be created and emailed to you reflecting the specific designation of your pipe, as well as the specifics of your build.  Settling at least two-thirds (66%) of this invoice will secure your build reservation and begin your build process.  As the pipe is completed and ready for shipping, you will receive photographs of your pipe, as well as an invoice for any remaining balance of the pipe purchase (if applicable).

    Special orders/ circumstances:  Email or telephone for discussion

    Yes, we have purchasing options for your higher-end vape shop / email or give us a call.

    Yes, we do ship Internationally  - We will supply the purchaser with the tracking information for their package once shipped; purchaser is responsible for any duties, fees, taxes, Customs delays, or any other encumbrances encountered. 

Fused Protection -  With ANY e-cig/ e-pipe product; when firing the pipe, we are closing the battery circuit (connecting the positive(+) and negative(-) poles together) through a coil that is fed liquid through means of wicking, thereby energizing this coil in order to generate the heat necessary to create vapor - and we're doing this in close proximity of our faces.  With all of the "protected" batteries now in the e-cig market, some may believe that additional protection is not necessary.  Personally, I feel that the additional effort to install additional protection that sits idly by, passively doing it's job on each and every vape you take from your e-pipe would be short-sighted to not include.

     Each PipeSmith E-Pipe contains a resettable fuse that will support a circuit load down to 0.5 ohm.  Should you ever encounter a short or other electrical issue, the internal fuse will trip and interrupt the electrical circuit.  Since one side of the fuse actually provides the (+) connection for the circuit, there is no chance (with a properly inserted battery) that a short can exist within the circuit before the fuse and defeat the protection.  Once the problem (faulty atomizer, trash in the 510 connector, etc.) is removed from the circuit, the fuse re-sets, and you are ready to vape your e-pipe again. 

Mechanicals -  The switch & connections are also just as simple, and are capable of carrying far more voltage/ amperage than required to fire your e-pipe.  We also wanted to ensure, as much as possible, that each e-pipe from PipeSmith is repairable with the least amount of difficulty, special components or specialized tools.

    The PipeSmith G5 Fire Kit comprises the working internals of your e-pipe, and just as with the body of your pipe - the fire kit components are hand-built, and each kit is built and fitted to each individual pipe.

    Once assembled and fitted to the pipe, the Fire Kit is then tuned to the respective pipe to provide smooth, trouble free, and reliable operation.

Woods -  The woods selected for PipeSmith E-Pipes are chosen based on their durability, color(s), grain, and overall character, while keeping in mind how a particular wood may age and mature while being regularly handled.   For Legend Series and Lodge Series E-pipes, the bodies are built from handsome Walnut - the wood that has been used for more gun stocks around the world than any other, resulting in an attractive and resilient pipe body, with a reasonable finished weight.  For the PipeSmith Limited e-pipe bodies, these woods are chosen from different regions of the world, bringing various visible and structural characteristics that creates a very durable pipe that matures into a very unique, yet natural character.

Build Process -  The PipeSmith process is as important to the finished pipe as is the respective wood chosen, and we have devised this process to utilize the effects of our location at 6,300' in elevation to settle the woods and establish the unique character in our pipes.  Your PipeSmith E-Pipe is completely built, shaped, finished, and assembled by hand, one at a time, to create for you a very unique personal vaping device that you can be proud of for many years.

    Each time the blank is cut, bored, or shaped, it is given around three (3) days to relax before subsequent steps are undertaken.  Once this time frame has passed and the wood shows that it is ready, prior boring processes are re-traced to ensure proper finished sizing, and the next step in the process is begun.

    Once the blank has been appropriately sized and bored, it is then rough shaped and left to sit again before moving on to final shaping by hand-filing, any surfacing present is carved by hand, then one more final sanding to ensure everything is well blended before moving on to finishing.

    While this process is a bit more time consumptive than other methods, the result is a unique character brought out in the wood that will compliment your pipe for the balance of it's life.

Finish -  With the obvious exception of the Legend Series e-pipe bodies, PipeSmith e-pipes are initially finished with a Pipe Butter treatment - our own proprietary all-natural wood finish developed specifically by PipeSmith E-Pipes.  This imparts additional water resistance and protection for the surface of your pipe, and allows the natural character of the wood to contribute to the overall presence and personality of your pipe in a subtle, natural matte appearance.  We do not apply polyurethanes to our pipes, because we feel it detracts from the natural wood appearance, the natural maturing richness of the wood, and the organic feel of the wood in your hand as you hold your pipe.

Why only mechanical e-pipes? -  Because they're pipes!  The vast majority of analog pipe smokers that switch to e-pipes are also looking to simulate the organic experience of pipe smoking as closely as possible, and having lights and computer-generated numbers on a small screen on the pipe tends to poison that well. 

    In addition; we are "outdoors people" (we are in Colorado, after all), and a purely mechanical firing means that there is much less to go wrong with your PipeSmith e-pipe when you're out enjoying the great playground that God has given us. 

    We want you to use your pipe and enjoy it wherever your day leads you, without the worry of when the electronics will become finicky or fail.

Repairs -  Your PipeSmith E-Pipe is quite durable and is meant to be used and enjoyed - not to sit on a shelf; they are neither trinkets nor ornaments.

   Should you encounter a problem with/ damage/ or manage to break your e-pipe - give us a call or drop us an email first.  Because of how your pipe is constructed, it is highly probable that I can walk you through corrective measures quite easily.  If we can't arrive at a resolution to your issue via telephone, email, or text, then we'll set up for you to mail the pipe back, I'll fix the problem (if repairable) and mail the pipe back to you.  Simple.

    Yet another unique aspect of service and support that sets PipeSmith apart from the rest of the field.

Should you have any additional questions, feel free to telephone or email us, and we'll get you set up with your own exclusive PipeSmith E-pipe.

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