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**We appreciate your patience!**

Over the last few months, PipeSmith has engaged a migration from durable pipes that were produced in fair number and fairly readily at-hand, to a more refined, higher quality, more personalized piece, while increasing the fit & finish, durability, and longevity of our pipes.

This migration has entailed a hoard of testing, building, and scrapping of ideas, designs and product, but has brought about a settling and refinement of the existing platform (Huntsman/ Trapper), as well as the creation of an additional platform (Stalker/ Poacher).  Entailed within these refinements are improvements to both the PipeSmith Fire Kit as well as to the respective ergonomics of each platform to provide you not only the most uniquely presentable pipe available, but also the most dependable.

In setting up the new PipeSmith, I've worked first and foremost to meet one primary mission:
To design, develop, and build ergonomic pipe platforms with tactile surfaces that are both presentable and durable, entailing an over-built, yet simple firing mechanism with a trustworthy level of dependability and trouble free operation that if I were to go on a week-long adventure trip - chasing down mining trails and forestry roads, camping, hunting, etc., in the most remote of locations, in any weather condition - I would be comfortable depending on this one, single vaping device as my pipe of choice.

While this has meant incurring some delays in getting our pipes out, it also means that as we steadily work to correct those delays - pipes that are in for service, as well as any prior/ waiting orders are receiving these upgrades to the extent possible for each respective piece.

As many have already experienced as we have begun to realize the vision
of becoming a staple within the e-pipe community;
We look forward to you claiming your position within the exclusive group of men who
have made the PipeSmith choice, and as a fellow piper for many years to come -
I want to make you a pipe that you can be proud of for just as long.

We welcome you to browse our site, and feel free to drop us an email should you have any questions
regarding building your unique PipeSmith E-Pipe.

PipeSmith - The only vaping gear available that is designed, engineered,
and built specifically for the avid outdoorsman

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