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Pipesmith Custom Wooden E-Pipes - PipeSmith
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There are pipes, there are e-pipes, and there is PipeSmith - Since inception, PipeSmith has focused on developing the absolute best in durable, reliable, and classic vaping devices for the more discerning clientele that are just as presentable as they are rugged.  We're redefining piping, and we're doing it with e-pipes proudly designed and individually hand-made in the USA.

The result of years of research, development, and refining to build the most ergonomic pipe platforms, in conjunction with testing, building and perfecting the G5 Fire Kit- PipeSmith E-Pipes are undeniably the "Toughest Pipes On The Planet"

Proudly embracing old world craftsmanship in which each e-pipe is individually custom built by hand, tailored to merge with our "Anytime/ Anywhere" philosophy; we pride ourselves in providing you the only hand-crafted "Adventure Ready" e-pipes available - only PipeSmith builds vaping devices specifically designed for the avid outdoorsman.   PipeSmith: AMERICAN MADE - GLOBALLY PROVEN

From the weekend adventure, to relaxing in your favorite chair; from your front porch, to exploring the most remote locales on the globe - your PipeSmith pipe is built for where you want to be.

PipeSmith 350 Series

PipeSmith 350

Legendary PipeSmith performance in a compact footprint.  The 350 Series pipes run on the 18350 flat top battery, and are perfect for keeping your pipe handy when space is at a premium, such as in your pack while on your next adventure...More...

PipeSmith 500 Series

PipeSmith 500

The pipes that set the definition of "Toughest Pipes On The Planet", the 500 Series is the hallmark "Adventure Ready Pipe".  Running on the 18500 flat top battery, the 500 Series is the perfect mating of size and weight to serve as an all-day/ anywhere/ anytime definition of the pipe of the future...  More...

*** See the YouTube Video on the PipeSmith Huntsman E-Pipe ***

PipeSmith 650 Series

PipeSmith 650

Shaped in the spirit of the 500 Series Huntsman and Trapper models, the 650 Series runs on the 18650 flat top battery - perfect for those long evenings of pipe enjoyment, whether in your favorite recliner, rocking on the porch, or sitting by the fire... More...

"Whatever your choice of PipeSmith E-pipe Series -
each Adventure Ready Pipe* is a custom hand-built and hand-finished product,
with never an exact replication."

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